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Kudos to our employees!

on Oct 13 in Employee News

The following is a letter from one of our customers. This is what it’s all about, keeping our customers happy.  Great job!

Message : Just wanted to drop a note to your company on a job that was just completed . Never before have I personally witnessed more outstanding or professional workmanship than I have just seen the last week or so. It was exceptional how you and your team kept me informed on an hourly and daily basis. No way did I think for one minute that business would be as usual during this tremendous undertaking. Well it was , in fact, each day when they shut things down, my patrons, or myself, were unable to tell anything had been done. To see somebody really care about their work and care about another establishment the way your guys did says a lot about your company!!!! Hats off to Brian , Bernie, & Rich for an outstanding job well done!! VALLEY-RICH CO. INC. is a wonderful company and with service like yours , I’m sure you’ll be in business for a long time. Thanks again, you made it fun. Dan, Hudson Bowling Center, Hudson ,Wi.